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"It's just a pencil, I found it."

"Oh, you found it. Just I found this $100 bill in a bank. Just like I found this child. In a park. Full of other children."

[Updates of my life, because I'm too tired to hand write in my journal like usual]

Things I want and/or need to do:

Trim and dye my blah hair.
Add some finishing touches to my Halloweenie costume.
Make sure I have a Twister board to bring to Santa Cruz this weekend.
Some boring school shit..whatever.
Get a buttload of pictures developed.

((These are the)) Things I think about when I'm alone ((without you)):

I bitch about work like a mofo, but once I'm actually there, it's only about half as bad as I make it out to be.
I'm much worse at judging intentions and actions than I once thought, but can still pick out emotions pretty well.
I use sarcasm as a default defense mechanism.
I say mean things to the people I love the most, since I know they'll love me anyhoo.
Don't take it all personal.
I love make up, but I won't wear it regularly. I'm scared it'll become what defines my looks, and then I won't be pretty underneath it anymore.
I hate you all ((your mom's a whore))

And some things just don't change. I still love getting lost in books.

And I love you :)

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