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My name is:
Spunk Ransom?

This morning I was?:
Skipping Art History again. Sigh.

I'm afraid of:
Spiders. And finding a psycho under my bed.

I dream about:
Metaphorical things. And happy things :)

[Have You Ever...]

Been in love?:

Cried when someone died?:
Of course.

Probably every damn day :x

Flowers or candy?:

Scruff or clean shaven on a guy?:
Depends on the dude. Currently, I like me a clean shaven boy C:

tall or short?:
Height is relative ^_^

[With The Opposite Sex...]

What do you notice first?:
Eyes~ They tell you a lot C:

Last person you slow danced with?:
Technically JerkFaceJesse and I danced for like two second when we were LOST IN THE WILDERNESS.


Makes you laugh the most?:
My friends :D And my mom. She is a funny lady.

Makes you smile?:
Anyone with good vibes.
And this one guy C:

Gives you a funny feeling when you see them?:
What kind of funny feeling?

Which is easier to talk to: boys or girls?:
Oddly, guys. I feel like girls judge me more, idunno.

[Do You Ever...]

Sit on the internet waiting for someone special to IM you?:
I don't think you can sit on the internet.
And not anymore.

Save AIM conversations?​​:​​​​
Not anymore either.

Wish you were a member of the opposite sex?:
Not in particular...?

Cry because of something someone has said?:
Well of course.

I guess you could consider it praying.

[Have You Ever...]

Fallen for your best friend?:
Sorry Nicole...I just don't feel the same way DX

Rejected someone?:
Yeah. Rejection really isn't fun on either end, you know?

Been cheated on?:
Not that I know of, but then agin what do I really know?

Done something you regretted?:
Probably but I can't go back and change it now~

Wanted to die?:
I've had my moments...don't want to go back there again.

[Who Was The Last Person...]

You talked to on the phone?
Mi madre.


You instant messaged?:
Man I haven't been on AIM in a while.

You laughed with?:

[Do You...]

Color your hair?:
I just did and it FAILED
But still actually looks kind of cool. So I'm content C:

Ever get off the computer?:
No, I'm a cyborg and I'm permanently plugged into it.

Habla espanol?:
Solo un poquito, pero entiendo mejor que lo hablar.
[Oh hayy, crappy broken spanish :C ]

Sprechen sie deutsches:

Fight with your parents?:
It happens.

Have friends you've lost touch with?:

Feel happy?:
Mmhmm C:

Wish you could fly away.. far, far away?:
Sure, for a little while, why not?

Believe in God?:
I believe in something.

Could you live without the computer?:
Well I wouldn't DIE...but I would sure talk to some people a lot less.

What's your favorite candy?:
Kit kat bars are pretty good? I dunno lol

Whats your favorite fruit?
And pineapple
And pomegranate.

Sunrise or sunset?:
They both be pretty C: but probably sunset, if I had to pick.

What hurts the most? physical pain or emotional pain? :

Are your fingers cold?:
Nu uh~~ high iron levels c:

Coke or pepsi:
Coke. Because I support polar bears.

[Final Questions...]

I want:
It to just be winter break already.

I wish:
For my luck to hold out just a bit longer C:

I love:

I miss:
Being a little kid.

I fear:
Wasn't this already asked?

I hear:
Buster snoring.

I smell:
Like shampoo and hair dye.

I wonder:
What's going to happen, but who doesn't?

I hate:
The idea of truly hating someone.

I need:
To friggin finish my paper, I'm like 6 pages short what the hell.

I am doing this because:
As boring as it is, it's STILL more interesting than Geology.

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