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I'm sure you still have a great personality?

Kirsten is: avoiding finishing up that Geology research paper that apparently is not that important. And will actually probably only take another hour or so, plus the Powerpoint, which is like pie.

I'm so distracted lately. I just want it to be Friday because:

*I will attempt to dye my hair again.
*My replacement phone may or may not come.
*It'll be the day before Saturday, and I'm looking forward to that.
*It'll be one less week getting in my way of Winter Break.

Anyhow. Ran into my friend Joel from high school by chance this morning and actually had fun talking with him. It was kind of sad to hear him say how his friends from high school collectively decided he had done something wrong and now none of them are talking to him anymore. But then he went on about how his real friends told him to not even worry, because those guys are stupid.

I guess it just kind of reminded me how stupid high school-level drama is. I'm not saying to not have fun and stuff, but I think a lot of people still haven't made the move to start growing up. We sure as hell aren't old, but we aren't little kids anymore. It almost makes me glad that recent events have kind of cut me off from high school or recently graduated people.

Of course, not all of them are like that, but I am awfully tired of dealing with people who spend all of their time causing bipolar drama when I'd rather concern myself with moving forward and growing as a person. And also with snagging that boy I got my eye on ;]

He...is probably one of the reasons I'm so distracted >_< hee C:

I'm not a fan of "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga, but maybe if it sounded like this I would be:

I love that girl.


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