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Ignore this by tomorrow.

Current setting:

Literally sitting in between my parents yelling about something about blah blah bah because Arleen asked if Brenda could sleep over because Arleen is selfish and dumb and my mom is condescending and my dad is immature and bleh bleh bleh.

Buster smells like turkey.

And I think my dad just walked out. I can't tell, Buster is barking.

I don't exactly feel sad. But I feel like a chunk of me is missing. More specifically, I don't much feel like I have anyone to talk to anymore. Taylor WAS my person to go to for just about everything, and I think as a result of that I ended up pushing away my other people.

Now all I do is text people who either have their own problems to worry about, or who I guess really don't know me all that much, who I'm guessing are continuing to respond largely because I got dumped yesterday. But I'm so kind of desperate to not sit alone and let myself get down that I'm ignoring how dumb it makes me feel.

And I think feeling that way is likely to make me want to jump into another relationship right away, which is either going to push every guy away, or draw in a guy who still isn't right for me.

I'm just gonna go back to watching movies, too many bad vibes going on >_<;; Still, the peaceful day was nice while it lasted.


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Nov. 28th, 2009 05:32 am (UTC)
I never felt like you pushed me away...but I'm sure I probably didn't do a great job of making myself accessible. Not to make excuses it's just rly been the busiest quarter :( but pleeease call or text day or night if you need to rant/complain/cry/be really happy/tell random facts/ the usual! I loooveee yyyooouuu!
Nov. 28th, 2009 05:43 am (UTC)
Awww I know you're always there for me, I just know how busy/stressed out/sad you've been so I actually feel bad that I haven't been there for YOU D:
But it's almost winter break, then disneylandia (we're trying to finalize junk, but my dad probably won't come)!

And also I was just moody because my dad stormed out yesterday and we dunno where he is D: probably corning but still, he won't answer his phone so I was über stressed out. Today is...better :3 *infatuation*
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